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The Kissing Booth Ending Spoilers

The Kissing Booth Ending Spoilers Discussion Last night just while eating dinner, I opened a movie to spend a few minutes... But OMG, spent all night reading about the Noah and the girl 🙂 Here are my impressions and ideas and what I learned in this Kissing Booth...

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The Kettering Incident Ending Spoilers

Oh, my dear. You just watched the Kettering Incident. WTF?! Probably you couldn't find anything else to watch, and this show was at the end of your list. But once you started you couldn't stop watching. That's exactly what happened to me. (Or someone insisted you to...

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Black Mirror Stranger Things The End of the F***ing World The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (such a fantastic show, looking forward for Season 2) Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina - Netflix (2018) Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Dark (looking forward to the new season)...

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Dark, TV Show Netflix, Ending Spoilers Discussion

Not sure if I liked the crazy 2 days of non-stop watching the Dark TV Show on Netflix.. just to get more questions, knots in the end, and there is no season 2 to get the answers!!! GRRRRRR!!!! I'll write my questions and some guesses. If you know something, say...

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A Cure for Wellness Movie Review Spoilers!!

A Cure for Wellness Movie Review and Spoilers!! Details about the A Cure For Wellness movie review are coming soon. But shortly below: creepy weird gross what the heck happened in the end? and during the movie? Lessons learned and details: don't swim in the cave...

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John Wick: Chapter Two Review

John Wick: Chapter Two Review John Wick: Chapter Two Review, get ready. It won't be too long: I loved this movie! Super fun Shockingly beautiful Fun fun fun, oh I said that! Smart Handsome First one or this? I loved the first because you could see the puppy and the...

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Get Out Movie Ending Spoilers

Get Out Movie Review & Spoilers Oh la la!!! I just watched the movie Get Out, and I had to search for spoilers (reddit link) and here's the things I learned about the symbolism and ending of it.. And some of my thoughts! Read below my detailed Get Out movie ending...

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