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1. Black Mirror (Netflix)

Oh man! Black Mirror is sick! I love it though. 🙂 Some people I met think it’s so depressive and dark, and they prefer not to watch.. BRR. It’s the soon future reality with amazing, mind blowing story telling and acting. Why the fack not watching?! Watch it ASAP before they become reality 🙂 lol.

2. Stranger Things (Netflix)

I had to skim and skip some of the episodes because that cute suspense series gets super creepy.. Harry Potter should have made a TV show, too, I’m thinking. This is like Harry, giving us heros that lays behind us. We see the oldies, I’ve been in those times 🙂 So cute and nostalgic.

3. The End of the F***ing World (Netflix)
4. The Kettering Incident (Amazon)
5. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
6. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
West World
Dark (Netflix)
Fleabag (Amazon)
Mindhunter (Netflix)
Jessica Jones
Z: The Beginning of Everything
Humans (Amazon)
Hunted (Amazon)
The Expanse (Amazon)
Dare Devil
The Defenders
Under the Dome
Drop Dead Diva
Twin Peaks