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Oh bloody ballocks! Midnight Library is LIFE! LOL

This book is a God’s given! With a great story telling, author explains deeply why we live. In our perfect world between unlimited possibilities we’re living in this specific time line, it’s the perfect one for us. Deep down, I always knew, when I asked which you’re you’d go back, what would you change, what you’d wish… I always knew I wouldn’t change a damn thing, to be who I am today, and I love who I am became and becoming, I had to go through my past, so I own my past and I wouldn’t change a thing, and no wishy woshy thoughts..

Go read or better listen this book, and if you are suicidal, it’s okay, just read it. Don’t get panic about reading another suicidal person’s journal and hang tight.. It’ll give your depressed part a relief it’s okay… it’s okay and life is beautiful in your own way. You will have a mind and an energy shift in the end.

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