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Ah, Britney… ah New York Times! Framing Britney Spears review, they just launched the documentary yesterday. I didn’t see it yet. I’m terrified to see it. (After I wrote it, I watched it…highly recommended, don’t be afraid. She’ll get her freedom, those judges who didn’t listen to her in the first place when she hired her own lawyer, will get what they deserve, and the conservatorship hybrid business model will change.) I know what I’ll be seeing, and it makes me heartbroken, and my anger rises! How long do we have to wait to protect our children and women (The weakest type?!) Is the woman a weak type of gender? Do they need extra protection? Everything can be a double-sided sword. Some people will hate to hear women are weak and they need protection… Some others will say yes they need extra protection.. (of course there are some others who don’t care)

I was following the #freebritney for a while now, and it’s sad. She was prisoned in her home for so long. God knows what type of drugs – sorry I don’t know the names, but the ones they kill your spirit and consciousness and make you high… I’m saying that because they marked her – doctors – close family friends that she has mental issues. Shit who doesn’t!? So now, she has mental issues… and can’t live her life? She’s a danger to someone? There are rapists, abusing people, they threaten to kill someone, and no one does anything to them till they actually kill someone. (I’m giving an example of if you had a stalker, ex, husband, whom you’re so scared of because they threaten to kill you… the police only give a “stay away” order. That’s it!! They do nothing else.)

So if Britney is dangerous for society, then they should wait till she actually hurts someone – and then punish her. What the fuck is the proof that they are treating her like she DID something – like they have proof – as they are already punishing her? I don’t know.

The dad. We’ll talk about the Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ dad in a bit…

But she won’t be dangerous. That’s not the concern. Isn’t it? The concern is the money and her own safety… but more on the money. Because I’m sure if she wanted to hurt herself, she would have already done it. But she’s still the Britney, she’s the soft hearted girl, who wants to be happy.

The money. 🙁 GRRR!! And power. The dad who let a 17-year-old girl giving bikini poses to a magazine… and so long before he was letting all take advantage of his daughter (this is before cell phones – so he had supported her in this career like the awful father of Amy Winehouse).

Parenthood. One thing is sure, whatever you do the children are going to deal with their own traumas from their childhood. We all know not all parents are amazing, but they are just trying their best and giving their best raising the kids. Carrying on their own traumas. And I love you and appreciate all of you. However, some parents are money and power evil.

Jamie, why money is so important? Even the mother is calling the dad-daughter relationship is toxic. Stop it! Give all the money SHE MADE. She wants to spend it on WHATEVER? Then let her! Please!

I mean this I’m assuming the worst of her. Like she is just a kuku and not stable at all. (to me all she wants to do is dance, sing, meditate, yoga, etc… just like any of us!) So if you want to prove that you’re not pretending you love your daughter and care for her all those years… then give up all the money and be with her, IF she wants to be with you.

And if you don’t let her free. And if she doesn’t want you. WHO’S there to protect her from you? Who’s there to give her her rights as a HUMAN…

So mental issues and women… How many millions(!) of women were killed in asylums in history, because their brothers, fathers and husbands and teachers, religious and political leaders DIDN’T like how they were…? Oh, don’t forget the mothers and stepmothers, mother inlaws too… You know the witch culture, where “burn the witch because she’s different? or herbal? or a healer? or a lover? How many poor souls got tortured in that system? Isn’t Britney one of them? 🙁

That’s in the past, let’s not get stressed about it. Right? But Britney represents how much women can be weak… and need protection. When their family/spouse abuse, they have nowhere to go, nothing to do. They are weak. Especially if they are financially dependent on the man, like many in the world right now. They also don’t have the inner power to FIGHT back. They learned to be small and scared.

I was a bit younger, barely remember when she had her mental breakdown… how much everyone watched it like it was funny, or not important, or like a show. She cut her hair. The husband couldn’t deal. We were so OKAY another woman just lost it. Then we completely forgot about her.

I highly recommend “The Hater”, the social media reopened the topic, created the #freebritney movement, and now the documentary. Social media can be a great tool for great and also for evil. So please be aware of what you believe, don’t move on with only emotions… (like I am right now).

I’ve been always a person who likes to think from different angles. Not linear thinking, I go on different layers. Even though that, sometimes after awhile later I find myself in close mind in some topics. How can we go over other angles that we don’t know what – where?

So, what’s the angle for the father? We don’t want him to speak. We want him to act with compassion and care. Like if his life and existence didn’t depend on Britney’s wallet. LET THAT MONEY GO… Let her go… Then we’ll believe you. Next question…

Does it matter if we believe him or not? Haha, evil laugh here, yes it does. If you’re in the social media, viral, a target, ohhhhh boy, you’ll lose everything. Please watch the Hater on Netflix. Also, our culture is becoming “who said or did something wrong today, and who got offended and then all everyone attacking them – behind their screens”. It’s bad. It’s bad bad bad. Why do all the kids want to be famous? It’s such a shitty world.. Black Mirror had some episodes I guess about it? Oh yes, the bees….. lol

Okay, my last point is this.

I am shaming all parents making a profit from their innocent children who have no idea what’s going on… SHAME ON YOU. (Oh god, easy to shame someone behind the screen right?) I want the time to come that legally they can’t share their kid’s faces and naked bodies on social media publicly to gain PR and Money. Remember we just talked about parenting above? The same thing, some parents are not good, all they knew was bad, and now they can profit from shitty parenting – it works for them. Law should protect those kids, babies, children, as the law has been trying to protect them from physical abuse. This social media, Youtube stuff is another sort of abuse, very heartbreaking. I also don’t like the babies and kids being taking to auditions waiting for hours to get a role… did the kid wanted it? Doesn’t the mom-dad have a job that they can wait for hours? I hear you, okay let them do it. It’s a professional abuse, child laboring. (There are amazing caring mom-dad blogs, they share the info, products, etc… but not undermining the human rights of their kids – not using their private moments or photos and videos of every moment of them. They are conscious and helpful.)

I saw an account, for instance, there is this trans guy who adopted a girl, and she’s 3 years old, all of his followers are watching the girl dress up and makeup and heels and all stuff :(… huh. he has millions of followers. Who is going to protect her? :(( She’s not a doll that can be adopted or bought, or given birth to.

I’m ending it here. Before that, let me just tell you what my social causes that I care about:
– kids being used as profit-makers (social media influencers, Youtubers, ugh).
– lovings dads never seeing their kids because the law always gives moms a priority even though some moms should never be with a kid… They are troubled and heartless. Dad’s spent all of their money and time to at least see the kids… I’m with you.

What do you think? Are you with the #freebritney movement? Are you not sure what’s happening behind the scenes? Or father is just a loving dad – who don’t care about the money? (lol I’m so bias).

P.S Paparazzi you suck. Always. Losers! The guy in the interview, I bet he accepted because they paid him. He still didn’t apologize. Eew disgusting piece of shits! Look we judge prostitutes, who’s selling their bodies.. They do not harm anyone. They do their own things.. These type of people who’s gaining on someone else’s misery should be highly judged.

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