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So I watched the Arrival movie, knowing nothing about the movie, but heard randomly, it depends on facts and so real, even scary. So here’s my review:

Non spoiler summary:

There are outer space huge objects in the earth different locations, and our girl is a language expert, security asks her to help her to communicate with these aliens.

Now, SPOILER review below:


Where to start? They so got me, I thought she had a daughter and lost her. But actually they were just dreams.. Very interesting. Did she started seeing them after the aliens arrived or always? I don’t know..

First of all, I watched the Hawksaw Ridge, and then immediately watched the Arrival. Arrival doesn’t depend on facts or anything, it’s just a sci-movie! After seeing a true story amazing movie, Arrival feels like a movie. Just like a movie, you know..

I liked the acting a lot, the girl was amazing. But I have to accept without the Avengers arrow guy, it wouldn’t be complete.

Let’s talk about the aliens. If they were helping humans for around 3000 years to survive, they couldn’t figure out how to communicate with them? Why did they decide to come up now to give humans their gift of “time”? Why now? Was that the gift? Or seeing the future?

They saved the life of the girl and boy, when the bomb was going to work. That was pretty awesome, and Chinese leader part was amazing, right? She calls the president, and convince him with his words from the future.

As someone who loves languages, I liked the part where they talk about communication and solving the new language patterns.

About the movie, I loved her apartment and the unity of the whole world, and the message, we don’t need aliens to connect as a whole world. We’re one, same, and we need to connect and be one. Now or later, but that’s the way it goes.