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La La Land Movie Review Spoilers. Just watched the movie La La Land acting Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.. Can we please talk about it?? 🙁

This is the summary in Google search page:

The story of Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a dedicated jazz musician, struggling to make ends meet while pursuing their dreams in a city known for destroying hopes and breaking hearts. With modern day Los Angeles as the backdrop, this musical about everyday life explores what is more important: a once-in-a-lifetime love or the spotlight.

Okay, so I wanted to watch the movie Nocturnal Animal because I’m curious how the girl on The Arrival (my review) acted in this very different type of movie, and because it was 11pm, there was no other movie to watch.. I had to go into this musical romantic movie, which is not so my thing. (I also love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, after the Crazy Stupid Love)

Spoilers below! Ending discussion is at the end.

So at the beginning of the movie, I said “ew, it’s so much musical!!!” Too soon said words. La La Land is one of the best movie I watched in a long time. It’s synchronizing with the music in every part, but they do thankfully “talk” mostly, few parts were singing, and let’s admit even singing parts were pretty awesome as well!

So this is the best trailer video below. Also this is the behind scenes very good.

I was thinking girls would love watching this movie, because you know we’re mostly looking for love, “he’s out there somewhere”, girlfriends pulling her to go out with them, like in girly movies, but then the movie switched from love story to life + love story. Dreams, and then I said girls and boys everyone should watch this movie, amazing story to showcase we shouldn’t listen to moms and dads and society who focus on stability and money. We should follow that inner true person who’s passionately into something.


Some notes:

  • I loved how they beautifully showed LA, Los Angeles. I’ve been Emma-Stone-in-Green-Dress-on-La-La-Land-spoilers-reviewthere first time this year, and they showed the traffic, Griffith Observatory Building, the view of the city, sunset, cool pool parties, how many waiter actress are trying their casting auditions.
  • Loved the color of the movie, all LA like, colorful. Watch my LA vs NYC video where I compare the colors of the energy of both cities.
  • Loved the dresses Emma wore, especially the one with the green.
  • Loved how beautifully they were dancing.
  • Hated when Emma thought she failed in her first show, even that one casting agent didn’t watch her, she got a tremendous experience, which is way more than being barista, and hello, she has an option to go to home “home”, why is she so afraid of la land movie ending spoilers review
  • I hate that the ending took all my hope into thinking there can be a romantic love relationship sustainable.
  • Music in this movie was great, especially the soundtrack where Sebastian (Ryan) played in the beginning and the end.
  • Whoa, the director who made also Whiplash, used the same guy as Sebastian’s boss who fired him. Amazing. I love him. Let me find his name…. J.K.Simmons

So what I want to talk is the ending of the La La Land…….

At first when I was watching their love growing, I was like “please please please, at least in the movie, let it continue”. A relationship would work, they would have a happy ending! Please! And then..

She married with another guy?! She has a kid?? She’s a successful actress?? In only 5 years???

Did she fall in love with the new guy? What happened to the Sebastian? I don’t understand :((

I love fairy tales where the princess and prince get together and live happily, or the Harlequin series where you know the guy and the girl always live happily after all.. you know it’s fairy tales!! However, La La Land was so realistic, living the real life, college, struggling for money while pursuing what they want, and they found each other. They loved each other, and supported each other, they were growing big together.. almost like a fairy tale, but you know it’s real. It would give me hope. Or to people like me if they were together.. Why they couldn’t continue? I’m very sad! Is this how the relationships work? Even in the movie we can’t get them together? (I know I’m acting and feeling very emotional but I couldn’t stop crying :((

Ohh….. What about the second ending where they show us they could be living happily together? They could be having the kid and going out to listen jazz. (I think Sebastian heard Mia’s mom was saying about steady job and so, that’s why he accepted the gig after all, to make her happy and skip his dreams and what he really likes. )

And then the third ending, which oh damn it was actually real, she really married the guy. They still loved each other, smiled each other..

If you’re reading these words, that means you also watched and wanted to discuss the ending of the La La Land.. Please join the conversation below!  ?