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The Kissing Booth Ending Spoilers Discussion

Last night just while eating dinner, I opened a movie to spend a few minutes… But OMG, spent all night reading about the Noah and the girl 🙂 Here are my impressions and ideas and what I learned in this Kissing Booth ending spoilers… Make yourself a cup of tea and join the conversation at the comments, it’s tea time with Nesli!!! 🙂

– Noah. So hot!!! Not just the character but also the actor, tall handsome, OMG! Why there is no movies or TV series like that we can watch for some eye and soul candy?! All the time?!

– Noah is 20 years old. LOL. Whaaat? He doesn’t look like that.

– His real name is Jacob Elordi. Australian.

– The girl Elle is Joey King, 18 years old, American.

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– They are actually together, met at the set and fell in love, or I wouldn’t surprise if they are dating for the movie because how cute it is they are actually in love and they are adorable together.. 🙂

– Will there be a Kissing Booth 2? Please make a sequel… Not that it would be interesting to see after, but just seeing them would be great…

– All the press and media talking shit about the movie, because they don’t understand how much girls love romance, masculinity, “cheesy” love… All the new movies made it look like dating and relationships become so plain and boring, and there is no romance at all.

J bird ✨

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– I remember I used to read Harlequin series books, they were all like this movie. There is always a girl and a guy, and they can’t be together for some reason. But ah although they don’t admit yet, they have a huge attraction between them. The guy saves the girl in an accident or dangerous situation, they get together, then they have to separate again, and here lots of pain.. and then, in the end, they get together happy ending 🙂

– The Kissing Booth is also originally a book and written in Wattpad… How cool.  However, the book is very different than the movie. So I’m definitely going to read it!!

– Doesn’t this movie remind you Twilight? Or the super cheesy one, hmm, can’t remember, ah, Grey, 50 Shades of Grey?

Jacob Kissing my cheek. A 2 part series brought to you by SHAMWOW. @jacobelordi

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– In our modern lives and society, how can we have romance?

– Only real situations, unfortunately, we can’t be together situations: babysitters – fathers, secretaries – bosses, office romance that is not allowed, students – teachers, etc… You get the idea.

– Otherwise, there is no obstacle why you’re not being with that person, and that kills the movie type of romance.

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My favorite scenes were:

– Every scene where Noah was. Look at her, smiles, or shows his abs! 🙂

– The first kiss.

– When Noah carried Elle to his room because she wanted to skinny dip to the pool. He stayed in the guest room.

– Morning conversation and his laughs 😀

– They always fight, sweet. lol.

– The Kissing Booth ending was great, she said maybe or maybe not.. jumped to the motorcycle… She was living her moments and not having future wishes.

– Most scenes they made her take Elle’s top, but seems like in the book, she doesn’t do those. Like I’m sure she’s not wearing a mini skirt like that in the book. Like literally you can see her butt sooooo clearly. Or Flynn’s has a huge mansion. Really?! Or is California summer and nightlife like this, beach and parties and games?

But ladies, girls, in reality, anger issues are bad. Noah has some anger issues, keep hurting other people, even if they are losers. He can’t control his emotions. Even Edward Cohen was controlling his instincts! :p He yelled and hit the car. Don’t ever go in a car with a ducheee like him. He will try to own you and control you and hurt you if not. Own your life, and live your life.

What did you think of the Kissing Booth ending? Write below and join the Boothie love 🙂




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