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Oh wow! This is interesting! I’m watching the Love is Blind Experiment on Netflix.. I’m just finishing episode 5. I feel like not watching anymore, but it is interesting! I checked most of the cast’s Instagram to see if they are still together. Here’s what the show made me think of:

First of all I want to congratulate all the participants for being that vulnerable and joining this experiment. Some may think “of course they got paid, they got famous” however the show was recorded 2 years ago and went live just recently! Salute to them all either giving it a chance or literally believing to find love.


  1. What is going on with Cameron and Lauren?! They are just super cute. She’s intelligent, well-spoken, confident, feminine, she listens, she asks, she can talk. She’s a role model for me. She does vision boards too! Lauren found a mate who’s so matching him in every way!!! I just love them so much! I’ll share their Instagram here. This is Lauren’s and this is Cameron’s Instagram.

2. It’s ridiculous they are all “he’s the love of my life” “she’s the love of my love”. Oh, I lost the butterflies in my heart, I lost the love to you.

3. So what’s love? It’s different for everyone. Looking at Amber and Barnett, two very different people from Cameron and Lauren. But they are a great match for each other. Maybe they will grow better together, or maybe they are perfect now together.

4. Giannina girl, oh my God, drama queen, she has so much personal stuff going on. I just felt uncomfortable watching her. Does that mean I do have some parts similar to her? Keep watching the show she’s been honest, all the time!

5. I love – sarcastically – how many women make jokes when they are talking something serious and emotional. They make jokes or laugh, they can’t just look and say it.

6. Back to Barnett – he was an emotionally not available guy who was constantly making jokes and laughing. Couldn’t get to real or deep of anything. Then we go to their childhood, he has this brother he can’t even look into his face. He couldn’t have his space so much I think, he had to be a perfect boy, teenager, and adult, conservative perfect family.

7. As someone interested in NLP, and how mind and behaviors work, this has been fascinating to me to see how their body language speaks. How their words are repetitive and they keep pointing others “what would they think about my age” – it’s not about what others but they do think and worry about that. “I self-sabotage” is an excuse and set up for future behaviors.

8. Cameron, says to Lauren’s mother “that makes me feel so good you saying that”, communication 101. Lauren also told “You always know what to say” to Cameron. It’s so true.

9. Lauren and her mom Pamela. I LOVE THEM! I love their relationships. It makes me cry right now. Pam’s first question to Cameron was “how are you feeling?” that’s also what Lauren asks. Family teaches the kids how they communicate and love.

Okay, I’ll stop it here now. I’m on Episode 9 now. I watched it all almost 🙂

Good show! Good experiment. Love it!!! Learning a lot about myself, my fears, patterns, and others too.

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