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MoviePass Review

I am a movie geek. Netflix, Amazon movies, and movie theaters. When I heard about the Movie Pass, unlimited movies, $30/month I jumped in the train! Only thing, it was not $30 for NYC! It was $40. I said, fine, I’ll do it.  Then they raised it to $49. I still kept using it till it hit me I don’t need to pay $50/month! Now it’s $10/month, so read my Moviepass review to see if it’s a good fit for you:

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The pros of having MoviePass:

  • It’s actually a credit card, has a completely cool design. (I love credit cards in general.. 🙈🙈)
  • You can see a movie everyday!
  • If you wish, just once a week!
  • Whenever you want..
  • Now it’s only $10/month! Almost like no excuses for that price!
  • Probably for New York, Boston and other big cities it’s more than $10, but still great pricing. Remember they are competing with the Netflix, Amazon, and trying to activate the movie theater lifestyle.
  • If you watch two movies a month, you’ll save a lot already..
  • If your theater has red incliner chair, it’s not like watching at home or other theaters, completely worth it!
  • You’ll know all the new cool movies, because you’ll probably watch them all.
  • You can cancel your Moviepass if you don’t enjoy it. Month to month payments.

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The cons of having MoviePass:

  • You can’t book it online, you have to be close to the location and check-in on your phone and get the ticket.
  • It’s a bit of a problem, since movie theaters started reserving the seats, and my favorite last minutes I’ll get my ticket doesn’t work.
  • That means you have to go to the theater in advance to get the ticket to get a good seat for a new movie. (If it’s not a new movie, probably you’d still get seats last minute)
  • There is not a new movie everyday, or even sometimes weeks. I didn’t know there are slow times, where a few movies stay in theaters long time, new ones don’t come..
  • Some movies are really crappy, although it’s unlimited and included, you’ll not wanna see it.
  • Romantic movie dates? Well, for ladies, if you have your pass, your date won’t feel special if you use it, it’ll just make you look cooler and more independent.
  • Instead of meeting a friend or so, you’ll be preferring to watch a movie and bam! Less social time!

So, what do you guys say? In my opinion Moviepass is a must to have in your wallet if you enjoy watching movies. I also think one movie a week is a good limit. Otherwise you’d be like me, a movieaholic, spending less time outside and more inside!

If you decide to join the Moviepass community, check out where to watch, accepted movie theaters, faq and more visit


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  • User Friendliness
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