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A Cure for Wellness Movie Review and Spoilers!!

Details about the A Cure For Wellness movie review are coming soon. But shortly below:

  • creepy
  • weird
  • gross
  • what the heck happened in the end? and during the movie?

Lessons learned and details:

  • don’t swim in the cave pools.
  • don’t drink water in expensive fancy spa centers?!
  • just drink bottle water
  • I mean seriously why would he drank this bottle of water when he was screaming the guy?!
  • unbelievable!
  • hmm those animals.. oh man… very gross…
  • the moment they were going from his throat.. oh my tummy tingles!
  • oh the most ever gross scene, the ending where the guy is trying to rape the girl, ehm, daughter. I think they exaggerated by showing too much! We got it what he wants to do. But why showing the gross smell scene and so. Ahhh bad!
  • I liked the movie in overall.
  • I didn’t understand the ending of it.. But read and watched some stuff about it.
  • I’ll write more details later.
  • ohh that creepy crazy look in her face in the end bike scene? Why?
  • and the girl is 90+ years old? what the heeeck?

More to come. Let’s join the discussion below!

A Cure for Wellness
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