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I was expecting a lot from Assassin’s Creed movie. And, damn, the more I expect the less movie produces. Next time I’ll try to not believe the trailers much.

Movie was great with the visuals, however I felt like, they just figured out how to use the drone cameras, and recorded everything like that style. Too much. But of course nice seeing the city visuals, but you know it’s not a documentary, maybe just focus on the story itself?! (Spain was beautiful)

Why – what happened. Well it was just so boring, a lot of fricking talking. After I left the movie room, I asked a girl who was in the theater as well, “how did you like the movie?” I was surprised to hear that she loved it!

I told her, it was boring to me, too much talking.. and she said she read the book, and that talking was very important about the apple and it was more than just an old item.. I was like, “oh… I didn’t care much about the apple story, I just wanted some assassin’s to assassin someone”. And all these end of the violence looked a bit weird. Humans are violent when it’s necessary, why want to end it, and make them robots, and why not maybe end the greed?

(Apple happened because of the violence or the curiosity also?)

Also Marion, one of my favorite actress, I’ll always love her, but was kinda daddy’s girl, working for the dad, and then trying to compete with him! What the heck?!

And lastly, I didn’t like the main actor guy. Nah.

Well, what did you guys think?