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Brain On Fire Ending Spoilers

Oh la la. I watched the Brain On Fire movie last night. Almost watched twice. Normally I do not watch sad looking hospital movies. But the actress, I can watch every movie as long as she’s in there. So here I’ll share what I’ve found interesting about Brain on Fire movie ending and overall.

– Don’t trust doctors quickly. If they don’t know what it is going on easily, they are very easy to just diagnose it and let you go… In the USA, oh yes you’ll quickly get an antibiotic for ANYTHING!


She works at the New York Post

– So while I was watching, I was saying “girl you’re sick, go see a doctor!” but actually she did go… They told her she was drinking, partying, working so much. She goes home back, parents take her to doctor, they still say the same thing, stress…

– Then she goes into the psycho mode, and this time they are saying she has schizophrenia and will go to mental hospital.

– If her parent didn’t fight back with the hospital, if they didn’t stick to her, she would be gone! Dead.

– When your family member, loved one acts so bad… As you remember mom calls the dad and says I can’t deal with her. You have to take her. Dad was crying after she became very paranoid.

– The book, there is an NY Times Best Seller book of her memoir, I have to read. I’m sure she wrote it in detail, and movies are always slightly different. I’ll let you know in the books review section about it. Stay tuned.

– So Dr. Khan really felt moved after talking with boyfriend Steven and asked Dr. Najjar to help because her gut says something is off.

– Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you want to resolve a problem? Look outside of the box. That’s what Dr. Najjar did. And the proof that she was not schizophrenia was simply the clock test that no other doctor thought of…

– Dr. Najjar actually sat down with the parents and the boyfriend and interviewed them, asked questions, and took 3 pages of notes on everything… Because he was connecting the dots.. Her flu-like symptoms, itching her arm, numbness, hallucinations, etc…  He was not like other doctors who are specialized on 1 thing and look at one thing only.

– So Suzannah Calahan was a miracle but that miracle happened with the insistence of parents to not send her to a mental hospital, which they would ONLY treat her like a crazy person without thinking just a month ago she was normal… And also because of Dr. Najjar.

– Amazing movie. Because of the movie more and more people will know about the disease. Which Suzannah Calahan’s mission is to spread the info and save lives. And it seems like she’s the producer with Charlize Theron.

– She actually got married to the 6 months boyfriend who stayed with her in the hospital all the time. So sweet!

– If you think about the past, God knows how many went to a crazy hospital… Because you can’t function the brain properly and in a way you get crazy. But there is an easy treatment.

– The disease is a rare auto-immune disease, anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

– You can read more about the Brain on Fire ending details on this Wikipedia page.


Dr. Najjar telling I’ll find you! Then he says I found you! 🙂



I was thinking I love this actress.. Then today realized she is the Matrix girl!!!!!!! Love her!



Every other actor was amazing as well!



The director… 🙂



He was super cool!! Is there really bosses out there that much tolerant?



He was not even listening to her when she was telling that she doesn’t feel good, he was playing music, but then when he realizes she’s in trouble, he was there always.

This is her story told in a Ted talk, definitely, suggest you to check, she’s beautiful and amazing!!!!!!

Oh, the Doctor Najjar’s speech, really great to watch:


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Don't listen to critics.. I don't know where they are thinking from. This movie is amazing. It's New York, it's a real life of a young girl, very relatable, and then all the story going on, I was holding my breath most of the time. Great movie!