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Get Out Movie Review & Spoilers

Oh la la!!! I just watched the movie Get Out, and I had to search for spoilers (reddit link) and here’s the things I learned about the symbolism and ending of it.. And some of my thoughts! Read below my detailed Get Out movie ending spoilers, and join the discussion:

  • Oh, where to start.. I literally jumped in all jump scenes, and love them!
  • The movie was high tension I felt my heart beat like a dear at some parts a lot!
  • GET OUT! It has both meanings, the guy screams to Chris after the flash, get out!!, it’s talking to the new owner of the mind and body, get out, also probably telling Chris, Get Out of here!. Pretty smart!!!! 🙂
  • First, the guy in the entrance scene, walking on the streets and got attacked by the white car is the MUSICIAN. He is the same guy who got the flash and had a seizure thing.. Same guy, but cool musician guy turned to an old white man who doesn’t know how to handshake the way Chris does. haha.
  • Second, the deer. Everywhere is a deer, first dying deer, second, he kills the dad with the deer’s head. It seems like deer represent the “pain”.. mom dying on the streets, bleeding and no help.. that’s why he left the girlfriend, Rose at the end like the deer, dying slowly, instead of killing her. Right? This is from Reddit.
  • I thought Chris was doing GREAT at acting, as I didn’t feel like he was acting.. His eyes, he’s still keeping it cool, but totally freaked out.
  • I totally thought Rose was a good girl.. Didn’t know. Even when he found the photos of his girlfriend who never dated a black guy before, I thought her family was hypnotizing her…. She didn’t remember but seems like either she opened the closet door before leaving to get her luggage. She opened the closet door with purpose because she’s nuts and having the pleasure that he knows before going to be smashed. (Others believe maid opened, to help him, nah I don’t think so)
  • The police at the beginning, they made it look like they are entering a racist town or so, and she’s protecting her boyfriend. “That’s bullshit” she tells the police, although, she was just covering the traces of Chris, because she didn’t want the police to get his ID. (Question, why the heck she called the police at the beginning then?)
  • The body grandfather kept since he liked running, he was running at nights, pretty creepy scene… wow.. so after he flashed the phone, the original mind was out of the hypnotized sunken place.. and guess what???? He got the gun, shot Rose, and killed himself!! I guess locked in a sunken place was not pleasant. He didn’t want to be there ever again.
  • OMG. I loved the way they represented the conciseness and how the mom put Chris into that sunken place. (The other similar conciseness locked in place was represented visually well was Steven King’s Dream Catcher, where their minds were locked in rooms, and looking the outside from little windows with no control over it)
  • When Chris and Rose are at the party with old guests, at first I thought they were pretending to be nice. (oh nice body, can you swing a golf stick, oh is he good at bed, etc.. ) They were actually shopping him. When he goes upstairs everyone got quiet because they didn’t need to talk anymore, I guess? Why did they stop talking? That was pretty creepy.
  • So the people were not racist, they adored the black bodies.
  • There is a lot of serious black/white ideas there as well. Rose can call the police easily, although she knows she’s gonna abduct a person; whereas, Chris couldn’t call the police when he was little, or at the end, the police cars come, Rose starts saying “help”, audience thinking, shit, police gonna shoot him, he was killing the girl, I was like “noooo, not like that, but that would be the real scenario in real life without question, it was his friend, and our super hero of the movie, Rod! LOL. How Rod found the address? Maybe with the recording the phone conversation?
  • Oh, that’s surprising, but grandma picked that body because she loved the beauty of it, that’s why always looking at the mirror, and yea, grandpa because of running.
  • Rose drinking milk, black straw, cereal, IDK! What’s that about? I thought even before Chris was transported, she started looking for the next victim. She didn’t care about Chris AT ALL.
  • Also, pretty much it was a new way of immortality, right? The mind always live on? Weird and very new!!

Lessons learned:

  • Learn how to survive from hypnosis. Shittt, it’s serious.
  • I think we’re getting hypnosis in some way by TV, commercials, and news… But I mean.. like serious hypnosis like that, that puts you in the sunken place, or something like that. Seriously, what can we do if there is no cotton to pick from?
  • Have a best friend, although he makes bad jokes, he’ll get your back!!!!!
  • Only 4 months into a relationship? And meet the parents? What the heck! Too early man.
  • Always do instagram, periscope and so and introduce people to the world, so if you disappear, someone will know about it!
  • What else?
  • Just be happy with who you’re. Young, old, whatever race, as long as you’re not in a sunken place, be happy 🙂
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