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Oh boy… HackSaw Ridge movie review..

True story…

No Spoiler’s Summary:

The boy wants to help his country, USA, goes to army, but refuse to use gun and kill instead wants to just save lives. But, excuse me, this is war, killing is okay, and his story starts.. 

I do suggest you go check out this movie. Now,

Spoilers, and discussion:

I cried, and cried watching this movie. The girl who was sitting next to me cried, out loud though and made me grrr!!

The movie starts with these cutest ever two brothers, that part, they are playing, and then they are fighting.. I was crying then.. I grow up with my brothers and hell yes! I did the similar hitting him with objects in our fight games. So here our boy experiences, he could have killed his brother.. Yes, I was crying..

He grows up, now that he is not a little boy, he threatens his father with the gun, says later “I killed him in my heart”.

Very simple, he truly believes in God, and command says “don’t kill”, you know we always find an excuse and say it’s okay to kill in war. It’s not a murder. But he does truly believe in not taking lives, but also wants to help his country.

Army though, where discipline is very important, and generals obviously don’t want him there, and they do everything to kick him out. He doesn’t know what to do, he wants to help but he’s in prison. There his girlfriend comes.. 🙂

Let’s talk about love. In real life and even in movie world, the girl always leaves/cheats the guy who choose to go to army since he has a chance to never come back/die.

She supports him from the beginning till the end. She let him be who he is. And here Nesli is crying again. The girl next to her cries, too, very loud..

And then there he’s at the war. Although there was a lot blood and body parts, I didn’t cover my eyes, and didn’t feel they exaggerated. It felt real, I was happy not being there, almost out of respect I had to watch it.

Guys, he saved 75 lives where Jack and other soldiers had to leave, which makes sense, he stayed and asked God, to let him save “one more life”, and one more and one more.

It’s not just a movie, it’s a true story and really happened.

Thank you to Mel Gibson for directing this movie, and the amazing actors: (holly cow!! I just googled to see the cast and names, and saw the budget was $40 million!!!!!!! Wow!)



Andrew Garfield: I know him from Spiderman.. Couldn’t even recognize him in the Hawksaw Ridge, I was just feeling what he’s going through. Like I didn’t even think he’s acting. All the accent and so. Great job man!






Teresa Palmer: Such a beautiful woman. She played really well in Hacksaw Ridge as well. I saw photos she came to the gala of the movie pregnant, wishing her the best!! 🙂





Vince Vaughn: Surprise!! Didn’t know he was going to be in the movie. A great addition, and even fun! Every scene he was in, made me feel happy.





Luke Bracey: Mmm!! Who’s that guy?! Cute! Distraction from the movie a bit :p He acted very nice too, right? 🙂 I don’t remember right now, but I’ll definitely remember his name, and he seemed like played in Hunger Games as well! Let’s keep an eye on him. 🙂