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Hidden Figures Movie Review

Oh my GOD! Below is my Hidden Figures movie review.

1861? No, no, it was only 1961, when women didn’t have the rights to vote in USA? Or just black people? Or black and women?

I was watching Hidden Figures movie, feeling angry and sad, crying at some times, and definitely laughing my a** off! 🙂  I can write a book, . I’ll write in highlight notes to keep it short:

  • Girls even in our time don’t feel like they are welcomed to math and physics, and these women will be great role models. (About role models, check my other site)
  • Enlighten, educate and entertain, that’s what the writer of the movie said in a NASA interview, that a lot of Hollywood movies are just entertaining, it’s time to show “enlightening and educating movies” can make a lot of money as well! So they will target this untold stories. Yay, go for it!
  • Can you see how much it’s important to have supportive friends? Just 2 true friends who care for you? Even in the hardest times, that’s what you need. They waited hours for her to leave the work, so she wouldn’t take the bus.. They introduced the guy she was married for 56 years.. I’m so in love!

Hidden Figures
  • Acting
  • Story
  • Longevity