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Moana is a cute little movie, I enjoyed watching a lot. It’s inspiring and a bit spiritual as well.

Little Moana, teaches us to follow our own path although society and even our father doesn’t want to let us go that way.. Actually that father is the most important factor, because he loves Moana, but he doesn’t let her go to ocean, and it’s just to protect her. So Moana is in a dilemma, if she follows her path, she’s being the bad daughter. Is she doesn’t then she’s not being honest to herself.

Her first try, she was almost killing the little pig friend, and maybe herself drowning dying.. she was almost giving up, because she tried, but maybe her father was right. Then the grandmother opens the door to her. We always have someone in some difficult times, coming up in our lives, maybe always there or maybe just randomly, inspire us, push us to go. Grandma was that person.

So she takes the boat alone, and leaves to the unknown calling force.

And I congratulate her for being courageous, and hopefully showing little girls who’s watching the show, and boys too obviously, that if Moana can do it, they can do it, too.. 🙂

Till the end, it was a difficult journey, she almost give up again, when the stupid coward Maiu left, but then continued..  Knowing she could die. And at the end she saves her family and the whole world :p

What did you think about the movie? Please write below and join the discussion 🙂

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