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The Passengers Ending Spoilers movie review

So I watched the Passengers, and maybe I was waiting for it like crazy, I watched very disappointed.

Please don’t read the rest of you didn’t see the movie yet, we’ll talk spoilers.

First, I was excited because of the actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt .. because it was science fiction, space travel, haber sleep..

The movie started Chris waking up and I understand they tried to show us he got really bored alone.. but they kept us watching an ugly beard guy for-ever!!!!! It was just so long.. definitely nice to watch the ship and it’s specialties, but it was a long time watching till Jennifer comes into scene. I was like so what, any action or something please. I was so happy to see he cut his beard in the end. Now I’m thinking about Robinson Cruiso, or Tom Hanks, how I felt when they were out of shape.. oh wait, they were in an island alone with no bathroom.. Chris was in the luxury spaceship with beds, kitchens, bathrooms, gym, swimming pool and he gave up from living in only 1 year??? If they made it like he waited for 10 years, he got older, and woke Jennifer would make much sense.

Didn’t Jennifer too over reacted to the fact he woke her up? And don’t forget that the Droid whistle-blowed with purpose he knew it was a secret and told it regardless.

The chief crew woke up, and his hibernation was broken and he dies quickly. Really? Such a coincidence but that’s not a biggie.

The ending of the Passangers explained, let’s talk about it.. well.. they showed in last 2 minutes that Chris said we can hibernate you and you can write your book, and then…

It’s 90 years later, they are arriving the new planet.. we only see the plants.. I wish to see more, but I guess it’s up to our imagination. Also what would happen if they had a baby?? lol.

So what I liked in the movie?

Hmm.. First, Elon Musk and SpaceX is planning to bring human kind to another planets because of over population and resource limitations. So I felt like I’m watching a future picture, where a base discount price takes you to the new planet, or you can pay extra to get bigger rooms and better food and coffee 🙂

I don’t think anyone would go to Mars to create anew ecosystem, but a similar to earth type of place, they would go even taking the risk to never wake up from the hibernation . .

I liked the fact that the movie relied on facts more than some of the movies where it doesn’t make sense how they walk or how the tear moves. Like the Gravity where Sandra Bullock and George Clooney had some weird physics moves.

So although the movie felt ehhh .. the cast and the story worth watching it.

How did you guys like the movie and the ending??? please write below and join the conversation ??