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LOL. I’ll remember this movie as werewolves and vampires are in war and fighting with GUNS!!!!!!!!!!! Underworld: Blood Wars was a funny movie.

The main character, the girl and the main enemy who killed the boyfriend of her, are shooting with guns to each other, and yes, they are bulletproof, and they keep shooting each other. I was laughing my ass off!!! ;D Hahaha

I give this movie a 3 star, because it’s not a 4 star movie, I was thinking it’s a stupid movie to watch, or better maybe not to watch. But now writing this review, I enjoyed watching it. She is a nice actress, beautiful, I like female super hero characters.. and I watched previous movies of the series, so why not..

And… the boy.. the boy who’s played Arthur in Merlin.. 🙂 I loveeeee him so much!!! So other than the scene he satisfies his master, I really liked watching him in the movie 🙂 And that scene was very funny too! :p

I also liked where they touched the spirituality of there is beyond what we see in this world part in the mountains, was nice.

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Underworld: Blood Wars
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