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Not sure if I liked the crazy 2 days of non-stop watching the Dark TV Show on Netflix.. just to get more questions, knots in the end, and there is no season 2 to get the answers!!! GRRRRRR!!!!

I’ll write my questions and some guesses. If you know something, say something 🙂

I probably have a billions questions, but some key questions Dark (Netflix) had me are here, for now:

 Who the fuck is Noah? Is he coming from the future? We seen him in 1953, 1986 and 2019. Does he come back from future to make sure nobody changes the past to keep his future life safe? If he knows the future, why is he trying to invent the time travel machine in the past?? Doesn’t he know already the kids just die as guinea pigs, doesn’t help it at all? Was Bartosz grows to become Noah??


That’s probably not a question, but what the fuck is wrong with Hannah? Such a psychopath! People out there watch out for a girl who doesn’t have a border between too much love and too much hate, as Katarina said. They are the most dangerous creatures ever, smart, manipulative, jealous, sad, dark, oh boy.. I hate that character. Am I the only one I hated her so much? Hmm.. If I was Jonas, I’d save the Mikkel from the past, and sacrifice myself, and let Hannah find some other victim to herself.


Poor little Helge.. I mean the little one from 1953, I was sad for the boy. Crazy mom, busy dad, bullies who urinate on him and then our Ulrich goes and smash his head 🙁 And then he find himself in the 1986, who comes and saves the kid from the cabin? Is it Noah from future? If Peter is his son, who’s the mother? What’s so wrong with Peter? He acts like he knows stuff, and cries; is it just because he found the dead Mads in the cabin? And then the women Claudia shows up?


Claudia.. What did she do in the past? They didn’t show it to us.. Who was the boy who really wanted to get a job at the nuclear factory???  Where or When did he come from? I know he’s the Alexander who married to Regina, and he loves her, right? But again, when did he come from??


Did you realize the old stupid Jonas, put the bomb in the truck, the dangerous nuclear waste thing? I think that’s what happens at some point, and we don’t see it yet, but that starts the fucked up future..  Oh also there is this black hole in the sky.. 🙂


Mikkel’s disappearance doesn’t make fucking sense… Come on, he’s just next to Jonas, they are not in the caves, there is no monsters, how come he can time travel from the forest.


Just curios, in the caves, there are doors, with the triangle shapes craved. Who did that? Seriously? Is it an important question?


Also what’s going to happen to Ulrich?? Will he stuck in the prison in the past? Never going back? Is it the end of him? 🙁


You dear writers and directors, you gotta answer many question that you created.. They are in the air, in our minds.

I love this show!!!! Terminator feeling, and Terminator is my favorite! 🙂 But this one has a lot of physics,  time, philosophy and ethical dilemmas involved. I loved the actors. I loved the character names.

Netflix did a shitty job with the translation and subtitles especially, but okay. When I tried to listen in German, and read English subtitles, subtitles were way off. I had to listen English, obviously would prefer in originals.

Here’s the characters, someone on Reddit created:



Bernd (Anatole Taubman (1953) / Michael Mendl (1986)) – Greta (Cordelia Wege (1953))

Helge (Tom Philipp (1953) / Peter Schneider (1986) / Hermann Beyer (2019)) – ???

Peter (Stephan Kampwirth (2019)) – Charlotte (Stephanie Amarell (1986) / Karoline Eichhorn (2019))

Franziska (Gina Alice Stiebitz (2019)), Elisabeth (Carlotta von Falkenhayn (2019))


Agnes (Antje Traue (1953)) – ???

Tronte (Joshio Marlon (1953 / Felix Kramer (1986) / Walter Kreye (2019)) – Jana (Rike Sindler (1953) / Anne Lebinsky (1986) / Tatja Seibt (2019))

Ulrich (Ludger Bökelmann (1986) / Oliver Masucci (2019)) – Katharina (Nele Trebs (1986) / Jördis Triebel (2019)), Mads (Valentin Oppermann (1986))

Magnus (Moritz Jahn (2019)), Martha (Lisa Vicari (2019)), Mikkel/Michael (Daan Lennard Liebrenz (2019, 1986)) / Sebastian Rudolph (2019))


Ines (Anne Ratte-Polle (1986) / Angela Winkler (2019))

Mikkel/Michael (adopted) – Hannah (Ella Lee (1986) / Maja Schöne (2019))

Jonas (Louis Hofmann (2019) / Andreas Pietschmann (“The Stranger”))


Egon (Sebastian Hülk (1953) / Christian Pätzold (1986)) – Doris (Luise Heyer (1953))

Claudia (Gwendolyn Göbel (1953) / Julika Jenkins (1986) / Lisa Kreuzer (2019)) – ???

Regina (Lydia Maria Makrides (1986) / Deborah Kaufmann (2019)) – Aleksander (Béla Gabor Lenz (1986) / Peter Benedict (2019))

Bartosz (Paul Lux (2019)) (aka Noah??? (Mark Waschke))


  • Katarina – Ulrich – Hannah
  • Jana – Tronte – Claudia
  • Charlotte – Peter – Benni (Anton Rubtsov)
  • Egon – Doris – Agnes (implied)
  • Bartosz – Martha – Jonas


  • Helge Doppler (Assaulted and left for dead by Ulrich Nielsen in 1953. “Rescued” by Noah perhaps?)
  • Mads Nielsen (Abducted in 1986 by Helge and Noah, died in transport from 1986 to 2019)
  • Erik Obendorf (Paul Radom) (Abducted in 2019 by Helge and Noah, died in transport from 1986 to 1953)
  • Yasin (Vico Mücke) (Abducted in 2019 by Helge and Noah, died in transport from 1986 to 1953)
  • Jonas Kahnwald (Abducted in 2019 by Helge and Noah, survived transport to 2052???)







Dark Tv Show (Netflix)
  • Acting
  • Story
  • Longevity
  • Experience


German tv show, time travel suspense drama.. Loved it! Just so hard to wait for the next season to get the answers that are piled up!