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Oh, my dear. You just watched the Kettering Incident. WTF?! Probably you couldn’t find anything else to watch, and this show was at the end of your list. But once you started you couldn’t stop watching. That’s exactly what happened to me. (Or someone insisted you to watch it). I could not stop watching, I had to know what’s happening and finished the whole show in 1 day – not proud of my speed. Wish I can watch once a day and enjoy slowly.. Anyways.. Now let’s get a cup of tea and dive in The Kettering Incident Ending Spoilers 🙂 LEAVE if you didn’t watch it yet… I mean you shouldn’t even be here if you didn’t watch.

What happened in the end? Wholly molly biscuit chips! I’ll just go with list-style what I think randomly, and some facts:

– So, actually, both girls 15 years ago got abducted by aliens, got cloned?

– Maybe they got abducted by the never getting old scientist and our girl escaped? Nope, she didn’t escape, she’s actually downstairs like a zombie with a well-cut hair :p

– Is our girl the clone? Yes, of course! She is not the normal human version. She never remembered anything before the incident. Her father loved her? Nope, she has no clue. Because she didn’t live back then. She had these hours and days, she can’t remember because the android robot thing followed the orders.

The Kettering Incident Ending Spoilers

The Kettering Incident Ending Spoilers

– Dutch found this military glasses. Thinking I was watching at 4am, super creepy to see those with the black outfits. WHAT THE FUCKS?! He never looked at them again because he is scared? When you look at the forest, you see the clones? The alien ghosts? What were they?? Why they didn’t give more clues about it?? 🙁

– If it was not the scientist, who killed the doctor in the van?

– Is scientist good or bad? Is he actually trying to save the humankind in a way – a way to clone them and immune them to radiation or something? Are there bigger reasons and sources that will kill all humans, with radiation, etc? Or is he the one who’s trying to kill humans?

– Lofty was working with the scientist. So, that means… He had to drop Ana to his parents or the accident area or something, and Roy put him in prison. Why didn’t he bring the other girl??

– The girl we saw at the Amber building was her, Hanah or something, she is the clone version, right? What about the real version, still downstairs like a zombie? Why though? Why would you keep them? Are they also clones??

– Doctor Mckenzie helped Anna to escape from the hospital by not locking her door or hands. She said Roy to tell her the truth. Still, we don’t know what the old guys did in the past. They got the money to hide the military space ship or something? To dumb the nuclear waste?

– So this disease, side effects, making people grow plants on their skins, which is the grossest thing ever, happens after they got in touch with the spreading molt thing?? Adam got wood in his eyes, and had a cut, Liza went down under?? What do you guys think?

Or everyone got the effects? Just by breathing the air??

OMG, I forgot to finish writing this post, and now it’s been months, will share The Kettering Incident ending spoilers now..

Still confused with the ending of The Kettering Incident. Have ideas? Write below!!!


P.S There are 45 “the” used in this post. How can I use less of it!! lol



The Kettering Incident
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The only reason I'm giving less in the story because there are many question marks left, otherwise, it's an amazing story, acting... LOVE IT!!!